Traffic Marketplace FAQs

How easy is it to join?

Extremely! There are no lengthy forms to complete, no complicated instructions and through the power of automation you don't even have to wait for your account to be approved!

How can I get 77756 clicks to my site if I surf only 100 sites weekly?

Traffic Marketplace manual traffic exchange site that have unique and completely innovative way of sharing traffic between the active members. Our proven mathematical formula will stay a secret because of competition, but we are the only TE site that shares 95% of traffic between the members. When you surf 10 sites credits are shared this way: 40%= 4 credits are yours 40%= 4 credits go to credit pool, to be shared between the most active members 10%= 1 credit go to your referrer 5%= 0.5 credit go as a start up bonus to new registered member 5%= 0.5 credit go to admin

How much sites I need to surf to get the bonus from traffic pool?

You need to surf 100 sites weekly, to be qualified for bonus from traffic pool.

I am not receiving 77756 hits to my website weekly. Why?

This amount of hits is based on activity of members. It’s normal that all members will not be active every week. But if you surf 100 sites and receive few thousands hits to your site, it is still much better than any other traffic exchange.

Do I need to promote to receive bonus from traffic pool?

No, absolutely not. But don’t forget that you have 10% of credits from direct referral surf. They will surf to receive bonus credits from traffic pool.

What are your terms and conditions?

Like most Traffic exchange programs we have strict rules to protect our members from cheating. The program employs methods to detect cheating and will suspend any accounts that fail to abide by our rules. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

How can I contact you?

Our contact information can be found in the members are "support" link.

Can I use the graphics on your site to promote elsewhere?

Take what you like just so long as it is for mutually beneficial purposes.

What kind of websites do you allow? (do you allow adult content?)

NO ADULT CONTENT. NO HATE, NO WAREZ, NOTHING ILLEGAL, NOTHING ILLICIT, NOTHING IMMORAL, NO BANNER FARMS, NO FRAME BUSTERS,NO POPUPS. It's common sense stuff really, but for the record we're here to promote legitimate websites only. Typically our members promote online businesses, businesses tools and business events. As long as these meet with the above guidelines and don't offend anyone then that's fine by us.

Do you allow the use of languages other than English?

A page must not use less than 70% English otherwise it may be paused or removed from the system.

Can I surf more than 100 sites per week?

Yes of course. 100 sites weekly are just qualification for bonus credits from pool. For every next view, you will get 0,4 credits at your account, same as in any other traffic exchange site.

I don’t need so much site visits. What can I do with credits?

Our developing team working on phase 2. In second phase of site all members will have option to become affiliates and sell the credits they don’t need.

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